5 Ways Food Can Improve Your Next Meeting

Let’s face it, meetings can get pretty drab and boring. As much as you may love working on the expense report, that doesn’t mean that your attendees are as excited to hear about it.

But an easy way to turn all of that around is something as simple as providing food at your next business meeting. You’d be surprised all the positive impacts it can have.

1) Food creates a sense of community

When people eat together, they feel a sense of belonging and commodorary with those around them. So if you want to help build your team simply treating them to lunch can go a long way in strengthening their bond.

2) It creates a more relaxed atmosphere

Meetings can be stressful situations for a lot of reasons. For some it’s the fear of public speaking and presenting their ideas to the rest of the group. Others worry about how the topics discussed could negatively affect them.

When you add food, all of that tension goes away. The meeting no longer feels like something to worry over. Now it’s just a group of colleagues enjoying each other’s company.

3) People feel valued

Often times employees or clients can feel like they don’t really matter all that much. But getting them food is a very simple way to show how much you appreciate them and value their time.

4) It’s brain fuel

We all think better after we eat the right kinds of food. Science shows that with the right nutrition we are more alert and focused. Providing food to those in your next meeting will help them to pay closer attention to your presentation. This leads to better feedback and greater collaboration.

5) Your attendees feel indebted to you

When you get someone food they often feel like they owe you something in return. When it comes to meetings, this is a great way to inspire your employees to owe you their participation or inspire them to work harder at their job. For clients, they may feel like they owe you more of their business.

Adding this sense of servitude to your meetings can be a great way to drive your business after the meeting.

How eatNgage Can Provide for All of This

Until now business lunches and catering for meetings was something that could only be done in person. Now, eatNgage allows you to bring that to your long distance clients and remote workforce.

Our revolutionary system allows meeting hosts to purchase food delivery for their guests. This food is then delivered right to their office for them to enjoy during the meeting.

Modern technology has given rise to more and more webinars and online based meetings with clients and teammates long distances away. This can make things feel a lot more impersonal than they were before. eatNgage can change all of that!

With eatNgage people can feel closer together no matter how far apart they are.