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About Us Created by salespeople for better remote engagement

The Company

Created by salespeople for better, remote business engagement with the purpose of facilitating more sales. eatNgage was developed by Marketech Corp, a leader in providing outsourced sales services nationwide and globally. We identified a need to facilitate more personal meetings with customers remotely, as well as a need to better engage a prospect’s interest. Thus we developed eatNgage! We believe that measuring engagement with a remote client can be simple and interactive. Distance in miles should not create distance in engagement.

The Problem

If you have experienced any of the following problems, you are not alone:

  • Finding a unique engagement method
  • Optimizing sales cycle velocity
  • Incorrect reading of sales cycle length
  • Accurate measurement of qualified opportunities, win rates and deal sizes

We saw the need to find a way to clearly understand our prospects’ commitment levels. To make that happen, we had to discover how to bring a more personal approach to our potential clients. We found an approach that is engaging, rewarding and includes food.

The Solution

eatNgage offers an efficient all-inclusive engagement platform including: a professional B2B email template database, automated reminders, access to local restaurant menus, instant video conferencing, email tracking and much more.

We want your business to succeed and your sales to grow. We can make that happen. Give your sales team the gift of personal engagement. Get an accurate measurement of all steps along the sales cycle. Boost conversion rates and your rapid sales cycle of optimal profitability!

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