3 Reasons Why your Lead Form Isn’t Converting & the Solution for All

It’s no secret that online lead forms have become a viable source for generating new leads. However, collecting lead contact information means nothing if you aren’t able to convert those leads into potential sales opportunities, which is a problem that many businesses face.

Here are a few reasons why your leads may not be converting, and the solution proven to increase conversion rates:

The call-to-action lacks clarity. Having a call-to-action that is clear and concise can make a world of difference when it comes to converting leads. Instead of using general phrases such as “register” or “sign up”, trying using phrases that are more specific. For example, “sign up to claim your free consultation”, is a great call-to-action as it tells prospects exactly what action to perform, and what they will receive by performing that action.

The offer isn’t appealing. Are you offering your leads something beneficial or appealing? If not, you may want to rethink your strategy. Statistics show that lead forms that include an appealing offer are much more likely to convert. Free consultations, webinars and eBooks are a few of the most common offers that businesses utilize to attract new leads and get them to convert. However, those types of offers are so common these days, it is important to think outside the box and come up with unique offers that are hard to refuse.

An excessive time lapse between the marketing and sales process. One reason companies have a hard time converting leads from online forms is because of the time it takes to get in touch with a lead after they complete the form. In many cases, sales professionals can take days, or even weeks to follow-up with a lead. The longer the time lapse, the more difficult it may be to get in touch with the prospect; and if you are able to reach them, they may have lost interest in hearing more about your products or services. Coming up with a system that allows you to follow-up with leads in a timely manner, is a vital part of lead conversion.

The Solution
Integrating eatNgage into your online lead form provides a solution to all of the drawbacks listed above. With eatNgage you are able to provide a clear call-to-action with a unique offer, and bridge the gap between the marketing a sales process. Our platform allows your leads to schedule a virtual sales lunch meeting directly from the lead form. They simple fill out the form, and click the call-to-action to arrange a day and time for the meeting. Upon receiving confirmation, they are then able to select their meal of choice and have it delivered straight to their desk during the meeting. This process is easy to implement and extremely appealing to prospects.

Stop just delivering lead contact information to your sales team, and start delivering sales meetings today! Interested in seeing exactly how our platform works? Click HERE to schedule a lunch meeting with one of our seasoned experts.

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