5 Ways Food Will Improve Your Virtual Meeting

Let’s face it, virtual meetings can get pretty drab and boring. As much as you may love your topic, that doesn’t mean that your attendees are as excited to hear about it. But an easy way to turn all of that around is something as simple as providing food at your next virtual meeting. You’ll be surprised at the positive impacts it can have.

1) Food creates a sense of community

When people eat together, they feel a sense of belonging and comradery with those around them. So if you want to help build your team, simply treating them to lunch at your next virtual meeting can go a long way in strengthening your bond.

2) It creates a more relaxed atmosphere

Virtual meetings can be stressful for a lot of reasons. For some it’s the fear of public speaking and presenting their ideas to the rest of the group. Others worry about how the topics discussed could negatively affect them.  Getting the technology to work without hiccups is a big stressor to others.
When you add food, all of that tension goes away. The virtual meeting no longer feels like something to worry over. Now it’s just a group of people enjoying each other’s company.

3) Food builds relationships

Often times employees or clients can feel like they don’t really matter all that much. But buying them food is a very simple way to show how much you appreciate them and value their time.

4) It’s brain fuel

We all think better after we eat the right kinds of food. Science shows that with the right nutrition we are more alert and focused. Providing food to those in your next virtual meeting will help them to pay closer attention to your presentation. This leads to better feedback and greater collaboration.

5) Your attendees feel indebted to you

When you get someone food they often feel like they owe you something in return. When it comes to virtual meetings, this is a great way to inspire your employees to increase their participation or inspire them at their job. For clients, they may feel like they owe you more of their business.

Adding this sense of servitude to your virtual meetings can be a great way to drive your business after the meeting.

eatNgage is the Solution

At eatNgage, we believe in feeding attention & starving fatigue. As the world’s first virtual relationship building platform (VRB), EatNgage is used to fight Zoom fatigue, increase virtual meeting / event attendance 3x-5x, eliminate no-shows, boost participation, & deepen relationships.
Picture this: A meal. Chosen by the virtual meeting attendee, sponsored by the meeting host, delivered to the attendee just-in-time for the virtual meeting. When eatNgage is used along with a virtual meeting, people don’t just register. They show up. They engage. They are happy. They are fed. They are open & grateful. They hear & connect. Barriers fall, walls crumble. Engagement soars.

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