Changing The Rules Of Engagement

After 20 years of sales and marketing for numerous technology solutions, I have found that the biggest challenge of an inside sales environment is the lack of true personal business relationships with our opportunities. While many technology solutions exist to bridge the geographical distance, there was no real way to break the distance barrier that allowed true personal interaction to cultivate opportunities. This is why I decided to change the rules of engagement within our company.

The idea of eatNgage was born within our organization out of the daily need to better communicate with our prospects. At first the execution was merely an incentive offered to achieve better engagement through breaking bread together, but quickly I started gathering all the insight and experience gained in my years of experience and built a robust virtual meeting and event engagement platform for any user.

While our sales organization has an established marketing department, I found that many companies lack the resources, thus sales representatives are left with alternatives such as unprofessional emails, low engagement and inability to have insight into the results of their activities.

eatNgage was built to suit all types of users, from the most advanced marketer running massive campaigns to a single sales rep that needs access to professional business templates. See intelligent insights into activity outcomes, and use daily tools to change your rules of engagement.

Avi Tessler


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Eric Steinmetz

Over 20 years of digital marketing and lead generation experience across a variety of industries.

Sarah Clyde

SaaS sales professional with 10 years experience in B2B sales, systems, training, and project management.

Mark O’Conor

20+ years of client focused, Operations and IT roles in the Energy sector.

Yehuda Alon

Founded Interfax (sold to a US public company). Led several online B2B ventures through their entire life cycle: concept, fundraising, organizational building, product design, development, launch, commercialization, growth, and M&A

Avi Tessler

Founded Marketech (sold to a US public company). Provided outsourced  sales and marketing services to a wide variety of B2B SaaS companies from young start-ups to US fortune 1000, with various marketing and sales needs.