Expand Your U.S. Market Client Base

The United States is the ideal place to conduct business. However, expanding your U.S. market client base can be an exciting, yet challenging time for foreign companies. The opportunities afforded to companies that are able to do so successfully are virtually endless. Getting to that point, however, is no walk in the park. It takes time, money, and continuous effort.

Check out three ways eatNgage can help you expand into the U.S. market client base simply and effectively:

Get to know your prospects. In the world of business, the “courting process” is one of the most crucial stages of any transaction. Getting to know your prospects can mean the difference between closing the deal and missing out on a golden opportunity. eatNgage is a great tool that you can utilize to help you learn more about your U.S. business associates. Phone meetings tend to lack the personal element. Traveling across the world is costly and often isn’t necessary for the early stages of business development. eatNgage brings the best of both worlds. It allows you to dine and interact with prospects face to face in a remote fashion.

Save time and money. Many foreign companies are forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on travel arrangements, meals, and accommodations. According to a 2016 study, the average cost for a three-day business trip is $1444. eatNgage combines the personal element of face-to-face lunch meetings with the latest video technology, giving users the ability to host remote business lunch meetings for a fraction of the cost. Users are also able to save a substantial amount of time by not having to fly or drive

Maintain active business relationships. Establishing new business relationships is important, however maintaining active business relationships makes for loyal partners and clients. eatNgage enables you to communicate with prospects in a modern, yet personable fashion. Our platform bridges the gap between businesses and their remote partners or clientele. Whether you are looking to host a sales meeting, lunch and learn webinar, or any other virtual event, eatNgage gives you the tools you need and helps you to manage the entire process from start to finish.

If you are looking for a way to break through to your U.S. market client base and/or maintain relationships with U.S. clients, look no more. eatNgage helps you to extend your reach without extending your budget. Our innovative platform is made for companies like you who value business relationships and work hard to sustain them. Let us help you to interact with remote parties in a productive and personable way.

No matter the industry, eatNgage will help increase your engagement and sales. To learn more about eatNgage’s usage in your industry, click here!

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