How eatNgage is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

As the only face-to-face, remote business lunch platform on the market, eatNgae is a unique tool that increases quality engagement between remote parties. When it comes to healthcare organizations, eatNgage plays a vital role in helping to improve efficiency and save money. Here are a few examples of healthcare facilities can utilize eatNgage:

1.Recruit medical staff. Recruiters for large healthcare facilities are given the task of attracting quality doctors and other medical professionals. Often times, this process can consist traveling to meet with prospects or flying them in. By utilizing eatNgage, healthcare organizations can save time and money, while still being able to interact with prospective staff members in a personal manner. Our unique platform enable recruiters to have lunch with medical professionals face-to-face, in a remote fashion. eatNgage remote lunch meetings are convenient, yet personable, allowing parties to interact in a way that feels as though they’re meeting in person.

2. Host educational webinars. Health seminars have always been a great way for hospitals to gain more exposure and educate the general public. However, hosting these types of events can often be expensive and hard to plan. With eatNgage, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can host educational webinars, while maintaining the personal aspects of in-person seminars. As the host of the webinar, you’ll be able to wine and dine attendees by providing a personalized lunch menu and having their meal of choice delivered directly to them.

3. Coordinate remote staff meetings and training sessions. Organizing in-person staff meetings and training sessions can be difficult, especially for larger healthcare facilities. eatNgage enables businesses and organizations to host remote lunch events such as staff meetings, performance reviews, workshops, and training sessions. The innovative platform makes planning remote business lunches simple, through the utilization of automation tools that streamline the entire process. Ultimately, hosts are able to plans events with ease and attendees are able to enjoy a catered lunch while absorbing the information that is presented.

4. Engaging with current and prospective donors for fundraising. Many healthcare facilities rely on monetary contributions from the community to fund medical research, patient programs, and other health initiatives. Holding charitable events throughout the year is good, however it is important to maintain regular communication with former and prospective donors. eatNgage is a powerful tool when it comes to communication and engagement. By utilizing such a tool to maintain communication, donors will feel a sense of importance, appreciation, and commitment.

eatNgage helps to simplify many tasks when it comes to engagement within the healthcare field. Our platform is effective, convenient, and easy to use.

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