Virtual Meeting Etiquette

The business world has evolved significantly over the past few years. Virtual meetings are now an essential way for companies to conduct business with employees either working from home or in different locations. With the increase in their popularity, an unexpected question has arisen, “what is the proper etiquette for a virtual meeting?” Many people are unaware of the proper etiquette for attending a remote meeting, such as a virtual sales meeting. Don’t get caught off-guard; follow these virtual meeting etiquette standards and let your professionalism shine through.

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Prepare Ahead

Proper preparation can ensure your meeting runs smoothly and you get the most out of your time. If you’re hosting the virtual meeting, it may be appropriate to send your attendees an agenda attached to your calendar invitation to allow them ample time to prepare. For attendees, ensure you review the expectations of the virtual meeting and have any paperwork or information you need easily accessible and organized. You should also check that your audio and visual settings are working correctly beforehand to avoid any unexpected surprises. 

Be On Time

Punctuality is just as important on a virtual meeting as it is for an in-person one, so make sure you are ready and available at the scheduled start time. Being late is unprofessional and sends a negative message to others in the virtual meeting. In addition, you may miss important information and cause a disruption when you finally join. 

Dress Appropriately

Dressing professionally in a virtual meeting is essential. You should treat the meeting as if it was in- person and dress accordingly. Many people have begun wearing appropriate clothing on the top half of their body while dressing inappropriately on the bottom.  Doing this is discouraged as there are many instances of attendees not realizing their inappropriately clothed body parts were visible to others. As a rule, you should always expect others in the virtual meeting to see your entire body and dress accordingly. 

Another area to be mindful of is the jewelry you choose to wear. Don’t pick oversized or noisy options as they can distract others and make it hard to hear what the speaker says.

Have A Neutral Background

Your background is the only area attendees see, apart from your face, which is why keeping it neutral is so essential. Remove any inappropriate items before the meeting begins and ensure the space is well lit, so others can clearly see you. 

Avoid Distractions

Distractions can cause you to miss important information or be unprepared when it’s your turn to speak. Virtual meetings are inherently harder to stay actively engaged in, making avoiding distractions vital. Before the meeting begins, turn your phone off and choose a quiet area where you can hear, see, and focus. It would be best to avoid multitasking as it pulls your attention in too many different directions. 

Speak To The Camera

When it’s your turn to speak, make sure to look at the camera as if it is a person you are making eye contact with. Many people look at themselves on the screen when speaking, which makes it harder for those watching to connect with you. Looking in the camera may feel awkward, but it gives your colleagues a much more engaging experience. 

Engage your Audience

If you are hosting a virtual meeting and want to increase engagement eatNgage is the perfect answer. eatNgage enables virtual meeting hosts to offer their guests a meal of their choice, delivered just in time for them to enjoy during their meeting! 

With eatNgage, you’ll see an increase in virtual meeting acceptance and attendance percentages, as well as participation. When you use eatNgage, people don’t just register; they show up and engage because they are happy and fed! You’ll find your attendees are more open and grateful, barriers fall, and walls crumble. They not only hear what you say, but they connect at a deeper level.

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