eatNgage Case Studies

Case Studies

eatNgage has proven to be a vital part of our customer’s virtual meeting success. From your next sales meeting
to this month’s virtual lunch and learn, eatngage will drive attendance and guest engagement. Explore our case studies
to learn more about the results eatNgage brings to our customers. Who knows — your success story could be here next!

BMC triples attendance with a lunch and learn powered by eatNgage

By utilizing eatNgage's remote lunch and learn technology and practicing proper follow-up and confirmation protocol, BMC was able to almost triple attendance. It was also noted that with eatNgage attendees remained connected throughout the entire event. Thisjoint webinar with eatNgage, maximized attendance to 95% making it the most successful event to date.

BetterHelp conducts their largest webinar as of yet powered by eatNgage

By utilizing eatNgage’s remote lunch and learn technology, BetterHelp was able to host their biggest, and most successful event to date. With an outreach 30x larger than the past events, 15% registration rate and attendance rate 65% higher than BetterHelp’s prior average.

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