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5 Ways Food Can Improve Your Next Meeting 5 Ways Food Can Improve Your Next Meeting

Let’s face it, meetings can get pretty drab and boring. As much as you may love working on the expense report, that doesn’t mean that your attendees are as excited to hear about it.

But an easy way to turn all of that around is something as simple as providing food at your next business meeting. You’d be surprised all the positive impacts it can have.

1) Food creates a sense of community

When people eat together, they feel a sense of belonging and commodorary with those around them. So if you want to help build your team simply treating them to lunch can go a long way in strengthening their bond.

2) It creates a more relaxed atmosphere

Meetings can be stressful situations for a lot of reasons. For some it’s the fear of public speaking and presenting their ideas to the rest of the group. Others worry about how the topics discussed could negatively affect them.

When you add food, all of that tension goes away. The meeting no longer feels like something to worry over. Now it’s just a group of colleagues enjoying each other’s company.

3) People feel valued

Often times employees or clients can feel like they don’t really matter all that much. But getting them food is a very simple way to show how much you appreciate them and value their time.

4) It’s brain fuel

We all think better after we eat the right kinds of food. Science shows that with the right nutrition we are more alert and focused. Providing food to those in your next meeting will help them to pay closer attention to your presentation. This leads to better feedback and greater collaboration.

5) Your attendees feel indebted to you

When you get someone food they often feel like they owe you something in return. When it comes to meetings, this is a great way to inspire your employees to owe you their participation or inspire them to work harder at their job. For clients, they may feel like they owe you more of their business.

Adding this sense of servitude to your meetings can be a great way to drive your business after the meeting.

How eatNgage Can Provide for All of This

Until now business lunches and catering for meetings was something that could only be done in person. Now, eatNgage allows you to bring that to your long distance clients and remote workforce.

Our revolutionary system allows meeting hosts to purchase food delivery for their guests. This food is then delivered right to their office for them to enjoy during the meeting.

Modern technology has given rise to more and more webinars and online based meetings with clients and teammates long distances away. This can make things feel a lot more impersonal than they were before. eatNgage can change all of that!

With eatNgage people can feel closer together no matter how far apart they are.

It’s no secret that online lead forms have become a viable source for generating new leads. However, collecting lead contact information means nothing if you aren’t able to convert those leads into potential sales opportunities, which is a problem that many businesses face.

Here are a few reasons why your leads may not be converting, and the solution proven to increase conversion rates:

The call-to-action lacks clarity. Having a call-to-action that is clear and concise can make a world of difference when it comes to converting leads. Instead of using general phrases such as “register” or “sign up”, trying using phrases that are more specific. For example, “sign up to claim your free consultation”, is a great call-to-action as it tells prospects exactly what action to perform, and what they will receive by performing that action.

The offer isn’t appealing. Are you offering your leads something beneficial or appealing? If not, you may want to rethink your strategy. Statistics show that lead forms that include an appealing offer are much more likely to convert. Free consultations, webinars and eBooks are a few of the most common offers that businesses utilize to attract new leads and get them to convert. However, those types of offers are so common these days, it is important to think outside the box and come up with unique offers that are hard to refuse.

An excessive time lapse between the marketing and sales process. One reason companies have a hard time converting leads from online forms is because of the time it takes to get in touch with a lead after they complete the form. In many cases, sales professionals can take days, or even weeks to follow-up with a lead. The longer the time lapse, the more difficult it may be to get in touch with the prospect; and if you are able to reach them, they may have lost interest in hearing more about your products or services. Coming up with a system that allows you to follow-up with leads in a timely manner, is a vital part of lead conversion.

The Solution
Integrating eatNgage into your online lead form provides a solution to all of the drawbacks listed above. With eatNgage you are able to provide a clear call-to-action with a unique offer, and bridge the gap between the marketing a sales process. Our platform allows your leads to schedule a virtual sales lunch meeting directly from the lead form. They simple fill out the form, and click the call-to-action to arrange a day and time for the meeting. Upon receiving confirmation, they are then able to select their meal of choice and have it delivered straight to their desk during the meeting. This process is easy to implement and extremely appealing to prospects.

Stop just delivering lead contact information to your sales team, and start delivering sales meetings today! Interested in seeing exactly how our platform works? Click HERE to schedule a lunch meeting with one of our seasoned experts.

Webinars are a great way to build business contacts, showcase your knowledge and gain new leads. However, getting people to register and attend your webinar is no walk in the park. In fact, in many cases, it takes a lot of effort to invite prospects and even more effort to get them to show up. Here at eatNgage, we’re well experienced running webinars at lunch & learns.
Here are a few tips we’d like to share to help ensure that people attend your webinars:

1.Make them lunch & learns – eatNgage is the easiest and most effective way to increase your webinar attendance rate. The innovative platform puts a unique spin on traditional webinars by helping deliver a personalized experience for each attendee. With eatNgage your prospects are able to enjoy a catered lunch of their choice while attending the presentation. Our intuitive scheduling system allows you to send out personalized invitations, follow-ups, and reminders to ensure that prospects are able to intend. Ultimately, eatNgage users experience an increase in registration, attendance, and a decline in no-shows and disengaged attendees.

2. Choose the right day and time. Because webinar-based lunch & learns are virtual, it makes it easier for people to attend. However, choosing a day and time that is convenient for your audience can make a big difference when it comes to your attendance rate. According to the latest research, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to host webinars. This is largely because Mondays and Tuesdays are used for catching up on tasks and getting back into “work mode”, and Fridays are generally used for finishing up tasks in preparation for the weekend. In regards to a time, lunchtime is ideal for hosting a webinar since most people have an hour to spare and can eat lunch at the same time.

3. Don’t make them long. It is important to be considerate of your audience when deciding how long to host your lunch & learns. The general rule of thumb is 30-60 minutes, but again, it depends on the type of audience. For example, if you are targeting busy business professionals, then 30-45 minutes may be sufficient. Take about five minutes to introduce yourself, your company, and the topic of the webinar. This will give attendees a few extra minutes to join if they are running late. The next 20-30 minutes should be used for your presentation. Don’t forget to dedicate a few minutes at the end of the presentation for a question and answer session and lead capture. Generally speaking, webinars should last no longer than one hour. This gives you enough time to present and interact with the audience without them becoming bored and disengaged.

When it comes finding ways to maximize your webinar attendance rate, eatNgage is a no-brainer. Our platform increases registrations and improves attendance rates by 3x. In addition, our clients have reported higher engagement rates, resulting in more leads.

Want more information as to how eatNgage has changed the lunch & learn landscape? Check out our case studies for real-world examples of our success.

Thanks for reading!
by the eatNgage “Lunch & Learns” team

As the only face-to-face, remote business lunch platform on the market, eatNgae is a unique tool that increases quality engagement between remote parties. When it comes to healthcare organizations, eatNgage plays a vital role in helping to improve efficiency and save money. Here are a few examples of healthcare facilities can utilize eatNgage:

1.Recruit medical staff. Recruiters for large healthcare facilities are given the task of attracting quality doctors and other medical professionals. Often times, this process can consist traveling to meet with prospects or flying them in. By utilizing eatNgage, healthcare organizations can save time and money, while still being able to interact with prospective staff members in a personal manner. Our unique platform enable recruiters to have lunch with medical professionals face-to-face, in a remote fashion. eatNgage remote lunch meetings are convenient, yet personable, allowing parties to interact in a way that feels as though they’re meeting in person.

2. Host educational webinars. Health seminars have always been a great way for hospitals to gain more exposure and educate the general public. However, hosting these types of events can often be expensive and hard to plan. With eatNgage, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can host educational webinars, while maintaining the personal aspects of in-person seminars. As the host of the webinar, you’ll be able to wine and dine attendees by providing a personalized lunch menu and having their meal of choice delivered directly to them.

3. Coordinate remote staff meetings and training sessions. Organizing in-person staff meetings and training sessions can be difficult, especially for larger healthcare facilities. eatNgage enables businesses and organizations to host remote lunch events such as staff meetings, performance reviews, workshops, and training sessions. The innovative platform makes planning remote business lunches simple, through the utilization of automation tools that streamline the entire process. Ultimately, hosts are able to plans events with ease and attendees are able to enjoy a catered lunch while absorbing the information that is presented.

4. Engaging with current and prospective donors for fundraising. Many healthcare facilities rely on monetary contributions from the community to fund medical research, patient programs, and other health initiatives. Holding charitable events throughout the year is good, however it is important to maintain regular communication with former and prospective donors. eatNgage is a powerful tool when it comes to communication and engagement. By utilizing such a tool to maintain communication, donors will feel a sense of importance, appreciation, and commitment.

eatNgage helps to simplify many tasks when it comes to engagement within the healthcare field. Our platform is effective, convenient, and easy to use.
Contact Us to explore how your organization can apply eatNgage invitations.

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