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Guests enjoy their food while they focus on your virtual event content.

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YOU focus on delivering your message, while WE focus on delivering meals. Our white glove service includes resolving any order/delivery issues directly with your guests.

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eatNgage is the world’s first virtual relationship building platform. When EatNgage is used along with a virtual meeting, people don’t just register. They show up. They engage. They are happy. They are fed. They are open and grateful. They hear and connect. Barriers fall, walls crumble. Engagement soars.

Customer Reviews

"Our webinar may have been the highest in attendance from all that my team has conducted so far this year so very happy with the impact of using eatNgage. I'll definitely use this for future webinars."
"Definitely looking to use eatNgage again for our townhalls going forward .... We had such a great experience with this..."

With a simple click of an eatNgage CTA button, your guests will order a meal delivered just in time for your meeting.

Eric Steinmetz

Over 20 years of digital marketing and lead generation experience across a variety of industries.

Sarah Clyde

SaaS sales professional with 10 years experience in B2B sales, systems, training, and project management.

Mark O’Conor

20+ years of client focused, Operations and IT roles in the Energy sector.

Yehuda Alon

Founded Interfax (sold to a US public company). Led several online B2B ventures through their entire life cycle: concept, fundraising, organizational building, product design, development, launch, commercialization, growth, and M&A

Avi Tessler

Founded Marketech (sold to a US public company). Provided outsourced  sales and marketing services to a wide variety of B2B SaaS companies from young start-ups to US fortune 1000, with various marketing and sales needs.