eatNgage as a service

eatNgage as a service

Unlock new revenue with eatNgage!

Looking to accelerate your company's growth without spending time prospecting? Look no further than eatNgage. For over a decade, our team has been dedicated to serving B2B technology companies of all sales maturity levels. Our team is not only proficient at lead generation, but also adept at driving new client registrations, booking appointments, and securing major clients for your business, while helping you create lasting relationships with your clients via our proprietary platform. With our extensive experience in the B2B tech industry, we possess a deep understanding of each subsector, allowing us to create personalized strategies based on your ideal buyer personas. Trust us to help scale your tech company's success today.
Leverage the power of wining and dining your prospect to warm up target accounts, reactivate opportunities and qualify all leads.

Clear the Clutter

Focus on conversion rather than qualification

Create lasting Relationships

Breaking bread with your leads, regardless of location, will allow your sales people to do what they do best, close deals.

Save time and money

With eatNgage’s integration with Calendly, your next meeting is a click away.

For Sales:

For Marketing and Customer Success:


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Your sales team wastes 50% of their time on the wrong prospects. Imagine what they could accomplish if they were able to nurture relationships with qualified leads that set the time aside to hear their pitch. With eatNgage, empower your sales and marketing teams to drastically increase engagement and improve the show up rate of your prospect, allowing your team to do what they do best, sell.

Eric Steinmetz

Over 20 years of digital marketing and lead generation experience across a variety of industries.

Sarah Clyde

SaaS sales professional with 10 years experience in B2B sales, systems, training, and project management.

Mark O’Conor

20+ years of client focused, Operations and IT roles in the Energy sector.

Yehuda Alon

Founded Interfax (sold to a US public company). Led several online B2B ventures through their entire life cycle: concept, fundraising, organizational building, product design, development, launch, commercialization, growth, and M&A

Avi Tessler

Founded Marketech (sold to a US public company). Provided outsourced  sales and marketing services to a wide variety of B2B SaaS companies from young start-ups to US fortune 1000, with various marketing and sales needs.