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Supercharge Your Virtual Events with eatNgage

eatNgage is an virtual engagement platform allowing event hosts to wine & dine participants as they present or allow guests to interact and communicate - significantly increasing attendance, participation, and retention rates.

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Our solution is simple, deliver a delicious meal to your guest location at the time of your virtual meeting.


With eatNgage you can:

  • Increase event attendance, 3X average.
  • Increase event retention rate, 5X average.
  • Escalate the level of social engagement during the meeting.
  • Reward attendees’ time for meeting participation.
  • Grab the attention of an elusive prospect, client, or event attendee.
  • Branded Event Online Ordering Landing Page automatically populates with updated restaurant menus (pricing hidden) that align with your meeting or event budget and attendee locations.
  • Real-time order status notifications are sent via text and email to event attendees, eliminating your need to manage delivery communication.
  • Quick, at-a-glance reporting of meal orders and delivery fulfillment allows you to follow up on incomplete orders or lack of response.

Virtual External Events:

  • Virtual Events and Conferences, including User Group Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Roundtables
  • Technology Demos
  • Sales Executive Briefings
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Sales Key Account Management Meetings with Client Stakeholders
  • Workshops
Add food to your meeting

Virtual Internal Events:

  • Multi-location Management Meetings for Large Initiatives
  • New Team Member Meet and Greets
  • Internal Lunch and Learns
  • Team Training Workshops
  • Executive Board Meetings
  • Birthday or Team Milestone Celebrations



BMC triples attendance with a lunch and learn powered by eatNgage

By utilizing eatNgage ‘s remote lunch and learn technology and practicing proper follow-up and confirmation protocol, BMC was able to almost triple attendance. It was also noted that with eatNgage attendees remained connected throughout the entire event .This joint webinar with eatNgage, maximized attendance to 78% making it the most successful event to date.


BetterHelp conducts their largest webinar as of yet powered by eatNgage

By utilizing eatNgage’s remote lunch and learn technology, BetterHelp was able to host their biggest, and most successful event to date. With an outreach 30x larger than the past events, 15% registration rate and attendance rate 65% higher than BetterHelp’s prior average.


How Does eatNgage Work?

How to Create an eatNgage Event

Learn How To:

  • Design your event
  • Set your budget
  • Invite your guests

How to Place a Food Order

Learn How To:

  • Enter your location
  • Pick a local restaurant
  • Fill out your contact info

What Else Can I Do?

Learn How To:

  • Track your invited guests
  • Collect contact information
  • Share your event with others

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