FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Click “Try it free”: on the top menu.
Fill in the registration form and accept our terms of use, your login credentials will be emailed shortly after.

Login to your account and select contacts.
Search and find the prospect you wish to invite or create a new contact.
Click the envelope icon next to the prospect name for sending a quick invitation.

Login to your account, select “Campaigns”, Click on “Add New Campaign”
Mandatory settings:
Campaign name, budget(per individual meal ordered), scheduling option, Email provider (default: eatNgage), prospects (choose from existing contacts or upload a new csv file), 1st invitation email template(open editing or choose existing template), follow up emails and reminders(by choosing + to add a new email step)

Login to your account and select “Campaigns”. click on Add new campaign.
Under Email Provider select: “External System”
Under campaign link – select the system you wish to use with an eatNgage link from the drop down menu.

Login to your account, from the top navigation bar select Templates.
Select “New” to create your personal email template or select existing template and personalize it.

Go to contact view in your account.
select a contact and click the link icon on the right side.
Define budget and sharing functionality.
Select “Copy link” – you can now paste the invitation link in any platform you wish to send from.

Only account administrators can add users to an account.
Login to eatNgage and select “Account”, you will see a full list of all users associated with the account.
Select “Create Salesperson” and fill in all the contact information for the new user.

Credit card on file will be charged after a meeting has been scheduled and a meal delivery is processed.

There are 2 ways to upload a .csv file with multiple contacts.
1. From the contacts tab select “Bulk Upload” and browse to your file.
2. When creating a new campaign, you can upload a prospect .csv file under the “Prospects” section of the campaign settings
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