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General Questions


Creating an Event


Food Delivery Issues


General Questions

When can I expect to be billed?

You monthly subscription bills at the end of each month. Your event meals will be the credit card on file when the order is placed. For other terms please contact our sales staff.

How do I create an account?

If you would like to get started with an eatNgage account please contact our sales staff and ask them about our trial version.

How do I send an individual eatNgage invitation?

Once you have created and activated your event, you will be given a special link to send to you those you wish. This link is fully integrable and works with any email or marketing automation software you use.

How do I create an eatNgage link?

After you finish creating your event, a link will automatically be generated and given to you. Please remember before you send out the link to activate your event under the event’s tab on your account dashboard. Once the event is activated your guest’s will be able to order using the link.

How does my invitation link work?

Your event link is fully integrable and works with any email, event calendar or marketing automation software you use. Once your guest receives your link, they can follow it to place their food order.

Can I add additional users to my account?

Feel free to add as many of your team members as you want.  For more information contact our support staff.

When can my guests place their food or eCard order?

Food orders can be made up to 2 hours before the event and eCards can be ordered up to 1 hour before the event.

Does the time zone affect the food delivery and event?

Our system sets the food options and event time based on your guest’s location. When you set the time of your event, make sure that you enter your time zone information to avoid any related errors in delivery.

Can my viewers invite people?

Yes! When you create your event you can set how many people your guests can invite themselves. Be sure to encourage this as it is a great way for them to bring in their managers and the decision makers.

Is my invitation secure?

Your link is very secure. Each link can only be used once. You can also populate a list of unique codes for your visitors to enter before attending the meeting. Additionally you have the option to submit your invitation to people a select email list. For more information and options, contact our support staff.

Creating an Event

Why do I need to enter a date and time for my event?

The date and time of your event will determine what food is available for delivery. For example, a meeting at 10 AM will have different options than one at 5 PM. By letting us know, our system can give your guests the best delivery options.

Can I cancel my event?

If you need to cancel your event you can do so on your event dashboard page. However this can only be done if no orders have been placed. The event cannot be canceled once orders are submitted.

Can I customize the layout of my event?

You can enter your name and add your company logo to the event.

Can I set a fixed budget for my event?

You can set budgets for meals and an optional restaurant eCard. For more information on the meal budget, please visit our pricing page.

What is test mode and how do I activate my account?

After you create an event you’ll receive a test link for your event by default. This is so you can go through the system yourself before you send it out and make sure everything looks right. Once you are ready to send out your invitation, go back to your dashboard, open the event and press the activate button in the top left portion of your screen. Once the event is active, it is ready to be sent out.

Food Delivery Issues

My event link is not working.

Try opening it in a different web browser or clearing your cache. If neither of these work, please contact our support staff.

My delivery has not arrived yet.

If there is an issue with your order please contact us by phone at 713-429-4757 or by email.

How do I change my order?

If you need to change your order or location for any reason you can do so through the text message link you received after you placed your order.

How do I place my order?

Your event organizer will provide you with a link where you can provide your delivery address for when the event takes place. Once that is provided you will be given a selection of local and national delivery options in your area.

How do I cancel my order?

We are sorry to hear that, you can do so through the link in your confirmation text. The option to do so is at the bottom of the screen.

I ordered a restaurant eCard, when will it arrive?

Your eCard will be sent to you 1 hour before the event in a text message with a link to the eCard.

What if my restaurant eCard doesn’t work?

eCards have a 30 day limit and only work at the restaurant of your choosing. If something else is wrong, please contact us by phone at 713-429-4757 or by email.

Can I invite my colleagues?

We would love for you to do that. This will depend on if your host has allows it, if he has there is a share option on the last screen of your food order after you hit submit.

What are my food options?

Your food delivery options will vary depending on location, availability and time of day.

How will I know when my order is processed?

Once your order is placed we will send a text message to the mobile number you provided.

Can I try eatNgage?

Contact our sales staff today.

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