How Pharma Companies Can Benefit from eatNgage

The implementation of the Sunshine Act in 2013, was a game changer for the pharmaceutical sales process. With the new regulations in place, pharmaceutical companies have been forced to forgo offering extravagant gifts, making business lunches one of the most viable methods for pharmaceutical reps to present new drug treatment options to physicians. As a remote business lunch platform, eatNgage can help pharmaceutical companies save time and money, and reach more prospects, all while ensuring 100% compliance with current laws and regulations.

Here are a few objectives pharmaceutical companies can achieve with eatNgage:

1. Engage with remote doctors in a personal manner. Research has shown that doctors who are treated to a meal by pharmaceutical reps, are more likely to prescribe to the promoted drug. However, in-person, business lunch meetings can come with additional expenses and time constraints. eatNgage helps you to facilitate face-to-face business lunch meetings in a remote fashion using quality video technology. This is a convenient, yet personal way to meet with doctors and present information about new medications.

2. Reduce the use of outside sales reps and travel expenses. The expenses associated with utilizing outside sales reps can be substantial. Apart from their salary, other expenses may include travel arrangements, mileage reimbursement, food allowances, and hotel accommodations. Add that to the money spent on catered meals for doctors and their staff, and you’re talking millions of dollars each year. eatNgage gives pharmaceutical reps the ability to host remote business lunch meetings with doctors from all over the U.S. By utilizing our platform you can greatly reduce the use of outside sales reps, and ultimately reduce the amount of time and money allocated to in-person sales meetings.

3. Offer physicians more flexible meeting times. All too often, pharmaceutical reps visit hospitals to meet with doctors just to find out that the meeting has been canceled or re-scheduled. Because of the demanding and unpredictable schedules that most doctors have, this has come to be expected; however, with eatNgage, it can be easily avoided. Our intuitive scheduling system gives attendees the ability to schedule meetings at their convenience, and allows the host to send out a series reminders, ultimately reducing the rate of “no-shows” and cancellations.

eatNgage can help you take your pharmaceutical sales strategy to the next level while saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress. Our easy-to-use platform enables you to eat and engage with doctors, face-to-face in a remote manner.