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Sales Measure Prospect’s Engagement

Making friends with prospects and clients is smart business, leading to better close rates when it comes time to ask for the sale. Accurately measure each prospect’s engagement when you invite them to a remote socializing session. Learn how eatNgage’s platform provides your prospect’s a more engaging and “out of the box” experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and better close rates.

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Marketing Higher Conversion

When more than one company vies for a customer’s attention, it is the one who stands above the crowd that makes them the winner. Let the eatNgage platform show you how to rise above the crowd and be remembered. Our all inclusive platform will provide the email template, calendar and menu options to get you noticed.

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Training Seamless, Real Time Communication

Improve engagement and success during training by creating captive time including a meal or coffee. Training is found to be more effective and successful when done with a measure of sociability over and above that office-bound conference room training.

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Surveys Better Response Rates

Companies are increasingly investing in gathering feedback from potential and existing clients. Learn how the eatNgage platform can help you make gathering that feedback interactive and engaging.

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Lunch & Learn Increased Engagement and Attendance

Companies are leveraging lunch meetings to enable more effective collaboration between subject matter experts and employees, customers or prospects. The eatNgage platform helps you deliver a richer experience and maximize the number of attendees.

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Remote Team Meetings Better Communication in Your Organization

Improve and distinguish your remote training sessions with an easy to use calendar, email invite, confirmation follow up and local menu selection and delivery. Learn how eatNgage can enhance your existing training sessions by connecting your employees with each other even when across the country.

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Continuing Education Improved Classroom Experience

Educators are looking for ways to keep people engaged in the learning process. Students have options for CE credits. Let eatNgage give you the upper hand by offering flexible scheduling, seamless video conferencing and meal options.

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Account Management Higher Sales Conversion

With customers all over the country, it is a challenge to build trust and develop a personal relationship with your customers. eatNgage gives you the tools to break the physical distance barrier and meet your customer at a different level.

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Customer Service Improved Satisfaction Rate

Today’s customer expects a HIGHLY personal experience in addition to a resolution. Learn how our platform allows your customers to truly be heard. Our ever-increasing variety, flexible scheduling, and the individualized customer service from eatNgage elevates your commitment to your guests.

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