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SalesMeasure Prospect’s Engagement


Increase engagement in a landscape defined by remote meetings and busy schedules

The sales professional has to find a special way to engage and measure a prospect’s interest. Befriending a client and having a way to read each other’s reactions to create a higher level of engagement and sharing becomes a necessity. eatNgage provides an all-inclusive platform that provides a way to invite your remote prospects to lunch – on your tab!

According to a Dell and Deloitte case study, the use of video conferencing creates a more personal connection than just teleconferencing. Conversations can become more fluid and there is more of a feeling of openness. Just because a prospect lives across the county doesn’t mean you can’t invite them to a lunch or coffee meeting – eliminate the geographic barriers! Studies show that 50% of sales reps quit on prospects after only attempting one form of contact. Experienced professionals know that 4, 6, or even 8 calls may be necessary to inspire a call to action. eatNgage increases that CTA by 30% by offering the lunch or meal option to a prospect.

eatNgage invitations are used by sales teams for



Follow up


Automated Email
Touch Points

Eliminate Or Reduce
No Show Rate

And Many

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