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We are in the final stages of launching our integration with Salesforce. This will allow any Salesforce User to quickly add a meal to any meeting in their calendar. The meal invitation is then sent to the meeting attendees with a tracking view of the orders placed and delivery status.

Google Calendar

Need a quick step inside of GoogleCalendar to improve your attendance for meetings? Include as one of your invitees. A link to select a meal will be sent to each person in the meeting!


Breaking bread together is a great way to start with a new prospect or client. Send a meal to your meeting attendees by adding to your meeting. We will get a meal invite to each of your guests for the event.

Want to treat a client, prospect or valued employee to a meal while you meet? Simply add to your meeting attendee list and we will send a meal invitation to each attendee. It is that simple.

Custom API

eatNgage generates a 3x-5x boost on virtual meeting attendance and engagement by enabling Hosts to offer Guests a meal of their choice, delivered for the meeting. This API enables you to create and manage eatNgage meetings, meeting profiles, and users under your eatNgage account.

Eric Steinmetz

Over 20 years of digital marketing and lead generation experience across a variety of industries.

Sarah Clyde

SaaS sales professional with 10 years experience in B2B sales, systems, training, and project management.

Mark O’Conor

20+ years of client focused, Operations and IT roles in the Energy sector.

Yehuda Alon

Founded Interfax (sold to a US public company). Led several online B2B ventures through their entire life cycle: concept, fundraising, organizational building, product design, development, launch, commercialization, growth, and M&A

Avi Tessler

Founded Marketech (sold to a US public company). Provided outsourced  sales and marketing services to a wide variety of B2B SaaS companies from young start-ups to US fortune 1000, with various marketing and sales needs.