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Drive success with one solution across all teams. This is the video
conferencing solution that puts the power back in your hands.

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Your Secret Weapon

Speak to a group of individuals scattered around the country over lunch…from your desk. Sounds impossible, but eatNgage makes it happen. Lunch and learns, webinars, focus groups, prospecting, and sales pitches all benefit from taking place over a meal. It’s good for conversation. Go one step further than the competition and get the attention you expect.

Increase Engagement

You’ve spent time and resources into creating the perfect message for your target audience, so make sure they hear and respond to it. Incentives are a great way to encourage prospects to pay attention, and everyone enjoys eating.

View the BMC case study.

Gather Instant Feedback

High-definition video conference calls enhance two-way communication between the host and the audience. An report observed that lunch meetings often put prospects at ease, making them more likely to share their relevant insights with you.

Track Effectiveness

Data is king. Know how your audience is responding to your email campaign with eatNgage. Track the status of each email, monitor budgets, and determine the most effective campaign messaging with the Analytics Dashboard. More details.

Spread the Word

Existing contacts aren’t always the only ones responsible for making the buying decision. eatNgage provides offer the ability for your recipients to invite others to your event so you’re always engaging the most relevant crowd.
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Focus on Your Event

There is a lot to plan, and you want your engagement events to run smoothly. Create automatic follow-ups in eatNgage to ensure no-one misses your invitation. Let us maximize your email sign-up success while you focus on more important tasks. See all features.

Your Brand, Your Message

You control the look. Use eatNgage’s tried-and-tested email templates or upload your own messaging to stay on brand and target your market. You can even use your existing email automation software for minimum disruption to your workflow. Learn more about API Integration.

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