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Meetings with remote prospects or clients are expensive and time consuming.
Trying to create a productive, personal connection over the phone?
Almost impossible.

EatNgage meetings solve both problems:

Prospects will be thrilled to accept lunch meetings at a convenient time for them. Deliver food right to their desk or send them a gift card to use at a restaurant. Finally, host a friendly video call, creating face-to-face contact that dramatically boosts engagement and ROI.

Check out our case studies, and find out exactly how successful eatNgage can make you!

“eatNgage have tripled our webinars’ attendance rate!
I think it's safe to say that we've found one of the best-kept secrets in the webinar industry.” - Saar Shwartz Chief Marketing Officer - BMC

Let your invitees decide when they want to meet
and their meal preference

Boost webinar attendance while eliminating no-shows

When Lisa schedules webinars about her company’s products, she gets hundreds of confirmations, but only a third show up. Adding an invitation to make it a “lunch and learn” cuts the no-show rate by almost 90%

Accelerate your pipeline and close more sales

Larry has hundreds of initially qualified leads, but needs a way to filter for serious potential customers. Those that reply and join him for a “virtual lunch”, scheduled at their convenience, rise to the top, and the face to face meeting helps him to decide how likely they are to escalate to a sale.

Customer success that drives true results

Hillary wants to get the attention of her customers quickly and build a better relationship that will lead to loyalty and retention. Her main challenge is to achieve that remotely. With eatNgage, she gives personal attention to each customer and conducts meaningful meetings to get insight, build a strong business relationship and establish trust.

How Does it work?

Sender Experience

Start sending invitations in 3 easy steps to better engage your audience. Use our included extensive business template database or customize your own messaging.

Recipient Experience

Treat your invitees to a lunch meeting under their terms. When they want, where they want and what they want.

One-Click Integrations

Customers see benefits across industries


Measure Prospect’s Engagement

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Higher Conversion

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Seamless, Real Time Communication

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Better Response Rates

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Lunch & Learn

Increased Engagement and Attendance

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Remote Team Meetings

Better Communication in Your Organization

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Continuing Education

Improved Classroom Experience

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Account Management

Higher Sales Conversion

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18-Aug-2017 Outlook Extension Is Now Available

Sending eatNgage invitations is now as easy as hitting send!

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20-Apr-2017 Changing The Rules Of Engagement

Hello world ! eatNgage 1st version is live and ready to change how you engage prospects remotely.

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20-Jul-2017 Gmail Extension Is Now Available

eatNgage is now embedded into your most essential work environment –
your inbox!

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