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Pricing Find a pricing plan that works for you

Please select between the following two options: 


Made for web meetings with up to 5 participants.
Typically used by Inside sales team members for pipeline conversion and prospecting.


Made for web events with 6 participants or more.
Typically used by marketing members for prospects and customers engagement and education.


Take a moment to decide which plan will work best for you and your business.

Meetings with up to 5 people

  • Minimum number of users


Take a moment to decide which plan will work best for you and your business.

Cost Per Event

  • Max Participants


Unlimited Events / Participant: $10,000 Per Year

In addition to the above subscription a meal / eCard budget should be allocated to each invitation

Meal Budget

The cost of each individual event varies depending on your meal budget, which is you set based on the per person cost. This covers the cost of feed, delivery, tax & tip.



per meal


A simple meal, consisting of a sandwich and a drink or a coffee and a pastry



per meal


A good business lunch, offering at least an entree and one other item 



per meal


A full meal, with a main course and accompanying items like appetizers, extra sides, or desserts

Restaurant eCard

$15 to $100 *


An eCard with a pre-set value usable at the restaurant of your guest's choice

* 20% processing fee applies to all eCards 

For example: A team of 5 inside sales people that together send 20 meals at a budget of $25 per meal. In such month will pay: $149 + $500 = $649*
*A monthly subscription fee: 5*$29.99 = $149.99
 Meals / eCards cost: 20 * $25 = $500

For example: the cost for a webinar with 40 people with a budget of $25 per meal will be: $350 + (40 * $25) = $1,350

Start sending meals invitations today and attract many more
clients and prospects to your web presentations!

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