Virtual Sales – Increase Engagement With Food

Virtual Sales

Build High-Quality Virtual Sales Relationships

Virtual sales is about getting in front of your prospects and building relationships. eatNgage is the solution for both. Successful virtual sales executives use eatNgage to offer their prospects a meal to enjoy during the virtual sales meeting. As the virtual salesperson, you set a budget. Meal and delivery is just in time for the virtual sales meeting. Your prospects will show up and be highly engaged in the conversation while the enjoy the meal you have sponsored.

Increase Virtual Sales Meeting
Acceptance & Show Up

Virtual sales prospects will accept
your meetings and show up at a
higher rate.

Increased Prospect Attention & Engagement

Unlike gifts or e-cards, providing virtual sales prospects with food during the meeting results in their full attention when meeting hosts need it most - during the meeting itself.

Regulation Friendly

Unlike gifts or e-cards, the meals are not considered cash equivalent. Your compliance officers will love eatNgage.

Highlighted Features

Increase Virtual Sales Meeting Acceptance & Show Up

Increased Prospect Attention & Engagement

Regulation Friendly

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